Directions to the Painted Pony Resort

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Google maps, MapQuest, Bing maps, Yahoo maps, and all the others show the location of the Painted Pony Resort in the middle of nowhere with no road access. To make matters worse the directions these programs return are incorrect and lead the driver down Highway 9 to the substation. Well, there is a road to the resort, a nice road, one maintained by PPR staff and the developer.

To reach the Painted Pony Resort
1. Exit I-10 at NM exit 5 (Road Forks, Highway 80).
2. Proceed south, passing through Granite Gap after about 10 miles and into the San Simon Valley.
3. Continue south past the intersection where Highway 9 intersects Highway 80, approximately another 12 miles.
4. Approximately 2 miles further there is a large 2 story tan and green building, the Chiricahua Event Center and Lodge, turn left onto Nighthawk Rd.
5. Continue along Nighthawk, passing through a cattle guard, until the road turns north (left) and becomes Painted Pony Rd.
6. Continue to the end of Painted Pony Rd. approximately 1 mile, then turn left into the Painted Pony Resort.