A few words about Images and Licensing

In this digital age everyone builds and expands on others works in the online world.  To acknowledge this reality all the materials created on both Blogging From the Boot Heel and The Sky Gypsies are placed under a Creative Commons License at their respective hosting sites.  The license used requires attribution, allows derivative works as long as it is share and share alike, and is non-commercial.  In other words a viewer is free to redistribute the work but not make money on the work nor copyright any derivative.  The most important aspect for the author is the attribution.  If the work is republished then give credit and a link to one of the blogs or the original work is even better. 

Success can be measured in how frequently work is republished without attribution, for example see here.  If viewers like the material and republish without credit they are making it their own and dilute the authors efforts, but it is an indication that the material created is interesting.  It is the same as publishing a paper in academics, to leave out a reference or to make someone's work their own is considered plagiarism.

Good online referencing is not only common courtesy but has the added benefit of expanding everyone's viewing audience.  The published work is about ideas and concepts, not people and personalities, and if a viewer finds meaning in an image, video, or written word then please feel free to use it.

Note the Creative Commons license at the bottom or visit Creative Commons for more information.