Bob Waldmire, Route 66 Artist

Photo by: Colbalt123

The passing of the well known artist of Route 66, Bob Waldmire, late last year was not unexpected. Bob, best known for his travels and artwork commemorating Route 66, divided his time between his home in Illinois, Portal Arizona, and on the road. But Bob also did artwork about U.S. Route 80 another early transcontinental highway. Known as the Dixie Overland Highway, Route 80 traversed the U.S. from Savannah GA to San Diego CA along a southern route. His wall sized mural of Route 80 can be seen in the Rodeo grocery store and cafe where Route 80 passes through Rodeo, New Mexico's most western town. The mural is actually unfinished, a small section of wording at the lower left is drawn but not painted. Unfortunately Bob died before finishing this mural.

Bob's artwork is also available online.

Route 80 mural in the Rodeo grocery store and cafe by Bob Waldmire.

"You are here" in Rodeo, New Mexico's most western town.


  1. We have one slide of Bob in our Havasupai hike talk today. We ate ice cream at a cute and funny place on Route 66. I should have asked Nancy WHEN he painted that mural.

  2. I do not know when the mural was started, but since Bob passed away in late 2009 and it is unfinished, my guess would be late 2008 early 2009 for a start date.