Chiricahua Peloncillo Heritage Days

A host of good talks at the Chiricahua Peloncillo Heritage Days event in Rodeo, New Mexico this weekend. This was the second year the event was held and sponsored again by the Wildlands Network. Held at the community center, the talks ranged from low level aerial photography (my bootheel photodocumentation project) to wildlife conservation and trail development, to food choices in rural areas. It was rather funny as each speaker was introduced it was another PhD, there was even a MacArthur Fellow, Bill McDonald from the Malpai Borderlands Group, who spoke about conservation ranching. It seems there is a high concentration of academics scattered about in the San Simon Valley and the towns of Portal and Rodeo. For an area with a population density of about 1 person/square mile, it seems a lot of them have advanced degrees in one thing or another. There was even a farmers market outside during the event and La Buena Vida Farm had a stand. I grabbed a few photographs of the event.

Chiricahua Peloncillo Heritage Days talk by the Malpai Borderlands Group

History talk at the Chiricahua Peloncillo Heritage Days event

La Beuna Vida Farm stand at the Chiricahua Peloncillo Heritage Days

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