Caulking the Vigas

As noted in an earlier post, the exterior woodwork on the bungalow is re-stained so resealing the posts and vigas rose to the top of the list.  The vigas had shrunk and pulled away from the surrounding stucco requiring resealing.  In addition the wood had split along the grain requiring additional filler. Finished off the first case of DAP ceder tan caulk Monday afternoon but still have about half a dozen vigas remaining on the bungalow that require caulk.  The results are worth the effort though, the building looks really good.

The vigas have shrunk pulling away from the stucco leaving a quarter inch gap around the beam.
Resealed vigas from the ground.
Closeup of caulking.


  1. Now I know what you do in all your spare time!

  2. Hi! Love what you did with the vigas and all the exposed wood. What color stain did you use? An what time (semi-transparent, etc.)?

  3. ... what type... I meant :)

  4. Bear premium transparent brown stain was used to caulk the vigas.