Petrogyphs with Dogs

Hiked with the Portal Rodeo Hiking club yesterday to Horseshoe Canyon.  It's been awhile since any free time was available for visiting local attractions but it was work related which provided justification.  The first stop was a large petroglyph boulder outside the canyon entrance.  Two of the dogs, Pepper and Elvis, found routes up the boulder and posed for photographs atop the boulder.  There were several zoomorphic petroglyphs on the boulder, what appears to be a turtle shaped creature and several bear claws.  Others I was unable to identify or lacked sufficient imagination to create a believable story.

Finally, meet the Gypsy Carpenters on the hike and compared blogging notes.

Zoomorphic figure resembling a turtle (with Pepper for scale).
Unidentified petroglyph (Pepper for scale)
Close up of "Bear Claw" petroglyph.


  1. I am so glad you started hiking with the group. See you on Thursday!

  2. Thank you. It was a matter of putting everything down (stop working on other projects) and getting the hiking stuff out. Had a good time and look forward to more hikes.