Astronomy at the Painted Pony Resort

Being located half way between Tucson, AZ and El Paso TX has its benefits, no light pollution.  As a result the area is a mecca for the North American amateur astronomy community.  Several commercial online telescope rental operations are located here as well as several communities dedicated to observing the night sky.  All-Star Telescope is currently in residence with a group of astronomers from across Canada. They have set up down by the hanger and everyone comes out at night for viewing and astro photography.  Here is a link to an astronomy site maintained by one of the guests.

Not to be left out many of the wives are artists and spend the day painting and sketching the landscape.  Of course the pool and hot tub have seen some action during their visit.

Telescopes by the hanger at the Painted Pony Resort

Water colors and Pen and Ink Sketching


  1. Do you have time to sketch the land scape?

  2. Unfortunately no, it is always busy when guests are in residence.