Telescopes at the Painted Pony Resort

About a dozen telescopes were set up at the beginning of last week down by the hanger where the southern sky is clear from horizon to horizon.  They stayed up during the entire visit and were manned nightly.  A lot of astrophotography was accomplished during All-Star Telescopes visit and except for one windy day and night at the end a good deal of viewing was accomplished.  The skies were clear (I chose a photograph with high clouds for the non-astronomers, a better photographic composition) and the night time temperatures comfortable.

star gazing at the painted pony resort
Late afternoon telescopes at the Painted Pony Resort


  1. The sky in the Rodeo, New Mexico is beautiful and must be great for the telescopes!

  2. One of the darkest places in the lower 48. Two commercial online telescope facilities and lots of private domes dot the landscape.