Lifting the Closure in the Chiricahua Mountains

Just received this from Naturalist Journeys

"The Douglas District of Coronado National Forest will lift a portion of the forest closure JULY 13th. Bill Edwards, District Ranger phoned with news that the main corridors of South Fork and Herb Martyr Roads will be open and the road to Onion Saddle, hopefully with extension of the road to the jct. of Rustler and Barfoot Parks soon after. Rustler and Barfoot Parks will remain closed to extensive burned hazard trees, as will the Pinery side of the Trans Mountain Road . There will be a public meeting at the Rodeo Community Ctr. Wed., July 13th at 6PM. Some trail, road and campground closures will remain, perhaps through summer. Everywhere, Bill reminds us that we need to stay flexible in response to Monsoon weather. Parking may be limited in narrow canyon areas prone to flooding, and East Turkey Creek with multiple water crossings will remain closed. We will post information as we receive it and we will all learn more at the meeting Wednesday! Thanks to all who have worked long hours to get these areas OPEN."