Silver Creek and the North Slope of Silver Peak, Elephant Spotting.

A large turnout for the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club visit to the north slope of Silver Peak to find the elephants.  Twenty two hikers and assorted dogs made the easy 2 mile hike from the camping area along FS 42B, between Portal and Paradise, up Silver Creek then up a ridge line to view the elephants.  Although not a species native to the Chiricahua Mountains, these elephants are rather the result of weathering granite.  At least 2 elephants are visible in the large granite outcrop on the north slope of Silver Peak.  The first one is visible while approaching the overlook and is a rear 3/4's view of an elephant moving away from the viewer.  While the second on is best viewed from the lookout.  The elephant's face is turned toward the viewer with the body continuing along the right.  While the biodiversity in the Chiricahua Mountains is high this was an unexpected find to come across elephants in this sky island.  The map for this hike may be found at the following link or on the hiking page.  For a view of hikers riding one of the elephants, see this photograph.

Chiricahua Mountains Elephant
Another elephant 


  1. Elephants in the Chiricahua Mountains? Great picture!

  2. Thanks B. I'd love to take that hike!

  3. Your most welcome. It is an easy hike through the grasslands on the north slope. With a little work it is possible to get on top of the Elephants.