Telescopes at the Painted Pony Resort

Amateur astronomy is a popular activity in the boot heel of New Mexico and southern Arizona with a number of research telescopes such as Mount Graham International Observatory and Kitt Peak National Observatory in the area as well as several subdivisions devoted to astronomy.  Dark skies without light pollution combined with a good view of the southern sky has made the area a haven for the astronomer. It is one of the reasons PPR keeps the outside lighting to a minimum and flash lights are recommended when walking between buildings at night.  The Painted Pony Resort has hosted several groups of Canadian astronomers over the past 2 years who arrived with their equipment to capture images of the southern sky.  In addition, most guests have commented on the bright clear night sky in their reviews of PPR.  To supplement the family centered activities at the Painted Pony resort, 2 telescopes are now available for guests to use while in residence.  A 4.5 inch Meade reflector and a 10 inch Orion Dobsonian telescope.  The 4.5 inch telescope is suitable for point and shoot visualizations of the planets, while the 10 inch is computer controlled with a database of 14,000 objects.  Two camera mounts are also available for use by guests to try their hand at astrophotography.  A mount for digital cameras and iphones can be used with the scopes to capture images from the night sky over the Painted Pony Resort as a remembrance of their time in the San Simon Valley.

astronomy resort new mexico
4.5 inch Meade telescope

painted pony resort
10 inch Orion Dobsonian with computer control


  1. This is a great addition to the Painted Pony Resort! It looks great by the pretty purple butterfly bush.

  2. Thank you. More and more plants are blooming out front and while not a gardener it is nice to see all the hard work pay off.

    The telescopes are a nice addition and just one more activity guests can enjoy while in residence.