Friends of Cave Creek Canyon and the Garden

Several weeks ago on the National Public Lands Day the Friends of Cave Creek Canyon completed the preliminary work on the new garden at the Cave Creek Canyon Visitors Center and the area was readied for planting.  Today, the rest of the story. Sixteen friends showed up for work Tuesday morning and were busy digging holes for native plant species.  The plants were laid out according to a master plan developed earlier and after several hours of work the area was completed.  By using native species, once established, no watering will be required and the area will only require periodic weeding.  The area on the other side of the drive next to the visitors center will be home to the next stage of the project, a wild flower garden.  This area is also ready for planting but no date for planting has yet been set.  The garden will be a useful tool for those wishing to identify native species they encounter in the canyon.

planting in portal az
Overview of central planting area

chiricahua mountains volunteer work
Digging holes

chiricahua mountions volunteer work
Finished row


  1. Sorry I missed yesterday as I have seen the plans and this was a great project for the ranger station area.

  2. I'm also sorry I missed this work day. We had an EMT meeting scheduled concurrently. Xerescape landscaping is such a wonderful thing and I saw the marvelous plans drawn up. Good job!

  3. No worries, the wildflower garden is next so there will be another opportunity to dig in the dirt.