New Mexico Magazine and Rodeo

New Mexico Magazine's beginnings back in 1923 as a publication for the Department of Transportation employees belies it's current standing as New Mexico's flagship publication.  "With a subscription and newsstand circulation of about 117,000, it is estimated almost half a million readers pick up New Mexico Magazine each month" (1).  As the oldest state magazine (celebrating it's 90th anniversary) and a publication aimed at potential visitors, New Mexico Magazine covers people, places, and events that make New Mexico special and one of those special places is Rodeo.  Last featured in the October 1965 issue Rodeo and the San Simon Valley has continued, a place of wide open spaces surrounded by mountains straddling 2 states.  Equally isolated from Arizona by the Chiricahua Mountains and New Mexico, by the Peloncillo Mountains, life is lived at a different pace.  A place where a trip to the grocery store is still a half day affair even with paved highways.  A place of ranching, farming, and retirement where people move because of the space. 

The original article about Rodeo was written by John L. Sinclair 45 years ago and little has changed in the area.  As New Mexico's most south western town people still arrive with ideas and set about creating and giving life to those ideas.  This latest article on Rodeo in the 90th anniversary issue of New Mexico Magazine is just one expression of those ideas.

The newest article on Rodeo may be found on the authors website, or in the January issue of New Mexico Magazine. 

Rodeo, New Mexico


  1. This is a great article that will be in the 90th anniversary issue of January!

    Thank you for this information!

  2. Bruce, thank you so much for posting both articles. DiAnn, great job in making the author so at-home and comfortable. I can't imagine how I have lived here for 7 years and never lay in the middle of Highway 80!

  3. Your quite welcome. I hope a copy will appear in the New Mexico magazine's online edition. It would really round out the efforts to promote Rodeo and the San Simon Valley as a unique place to visit.

  4. I now have the New Mexico magazine and the article looks great!

  5. Good to hear, I look forward to seeing the article myself.