Reflections in Cave Creek Canyon, Chiricahua Mountains

Astronomers with the All-Star Telescope star party are currently in residence at the Painted Pony Resort and today the group explored South Fork of Cave Creek Canyon.  About a dozen astronomers hiked up South Fork to Maple Camp and along the way we came across a small slot canyon on the west side of the trail.  Chimneying a short distance up the slot several reflecting pools were encountered.  While getting up and in was easy, coming down and back out proved a little more challenging, but it was possible to avoid the falling into the pools and still get a good photograph.

Of course the Panstarrs comet has been the subject of some interest and photography at sunset each evening and some photographs are posted here and here.

cave creek canyon chiricahua mountains
Small reflection pool off South Fork


  1. Very nice picture! I was on the same hike on Sunday it was nice seeing and hearing the water run.

  2. The guests also commented on the stream flowing through the canyon, especially while crossing it numerous times while hiking up canyon.