Friends of Cave Creek Canyon Garden Party

The finished garden at the Cave Creek Canyon visitors center was the center of attention at a garden party hosted by FOCCC to celebrate the newly completed garden.  A number of local individuals and groups set up informational tables around the front of the Cave Creek Canyon visitors center with interactive displays covering astronomy, native plants and animals, and the prehistoric residents, while food was served behind the visitors center.  Native plant sales took place out in the new garden area, and of course the visitors center was open for inspection.  The new flag purchased by FOCCC is now installed on the signage erected last year alerting new visitors to the visitors center.

FOCCC garden party
panorama of garden party

visitors to FOCCC garden party
visitors at FOCCC garden party 

friends of cave creek canyon plant sales
Native plants at the Friends of Cave Creek Canyon's garden party
Coronado National Forest visitors center in chiricahua mountains
Interior of the visitors center in Cave Creek Canyon


  1. I am so sorry I missed the first garden party that Friends of Cave Creek Canyon had!

    It looks like great fun and turn out.

  2. There was a good turn out for the event. I was able to buy some new plants for the front garden area at PPR and also found a new species of cactus for the cactus garden.

    1. I'm also sorry to have missed it. I was the FIRST to sign up as a 'friend' even before they had a bank account, but shame on me, I've missed their work days and this garden party.

      Happily they call this the "first annual" so hopefully I can go another year. Thanks for covering the event.