Thinking it was safe to go back in the Water

No sign of Javelina for several weeks, I concluded they had moved on to greener pastures (and gardens) for forage but I was wrong.  Like a bad sequel there was fresh evidence of Javelina in the front garden area.  Found the remains of a newly planted agave eaten this morning while pruning in the front garden.  Checking the location of their former hangout there was no sign of the culprits but fresh tracks and some partially dried scat indicated they had been through the area recently.  Fortunately the other 2 newly planted agaves were intact and there was no new damage to the yuccas.  So it is time to start patrolling the area again and perhaps put the barbwire tee-pees back up around some of the tastier plants.

Javelina left overs


  1. I think putting the tee-pees up may save you some headaches!

    Monsoon should start next month, more food and water will be available for the wildlife.

  2. I have already replaced the lost agave with a volunteer flowering perennial. The Javelina do not seem interested in these flowering shrubs.