The Comfy Chair

The Painted Pony Resort has a number of resident bird species, some common some not so common, but the big 3 are the morning and collared doves, the road runners, and the barn swallows.  Of the three, the collared doves pick the strangest places to build nests.  I have found numerous dove nests precariously perched in yuccas and in the oak trees in the patio area but the strangest nest location was found while preparing the estate for guests.  While cleaning the patio a dove nest was discovered on top of an outdoor chair.  At first glance it appeared as some wind blown litter until upon closer examination 2 newly hatched baby doves were noted.  Nestled in a twig nest the 2 baby doves appear only a week or so old.  Carefully cleaning around the nest the babies were left in place to hopefully grow up and become part of the resident dove population who's calls can be heard every morning and evening around the estate.

Dove nest on the patio


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