The Cowboy Cookout at the Painted Pony Resort

The preparation for the guests cowboy dinner paid off when the time arrived for the cookout.  Jerry and Jennifer from La Buena Vida farm arrived in the afternoon and began preparations for the cowboy cookout.  The prepared cooking fire segment of the fire pit was just the right size for the grill stand and soon mesquite fire was blazing to prepare coals for cooking.  The guests began to trickle over to watch the activity and to tell Jerry how they wished their steaks prepared.  The dinner included a fresh salad from greens grown at La Buena Vida farm, a corn pieda cooked in a dutch oven, fresh farm baked bread, baked potatoes, T-bone steaks from locally raised cattle, and for dessert, an apple crisp also cooked in a dutch oven.  Everyone gathered around the fire pit to eat dinner and as sunset approached the second fire (separate from the cooking fire) was started.

After the meal, out came the fireworks and an impromptu fireworks show happened on the runway.  As the evening progressed the guests slowly trickled away from the fire back to the hanger for another evening of astronomy and astrophotography.  All around, the guests enjoyed a lovely dinner and evening around the campfire.

Jerry and Jennifer of La Buena Vida Farm

Cooking on the fire

Guests serving up their cowboy steaks


  1. It sure seems like everyone is having a nice time.

  2. Quite right, the guests enjoyed a chance to talk with Jerry and Jennifer and learn about organic farming in the valley.

  3. Were the Racicot children there? They are so cute and they are helpful, too.

  4. No, just Jerry, Jennifer, and Garet (their helper) were there.