The Rustic Cabin at the Painted Pony Resort

The Painted Pony Resort expansion is proceeding with the remodeling of a 3 bedroom, one bath rustic cabin on the new property.  A roof to floor renovation started in early June and is nearing completion bringing the total number of available bedrooms to 12 on the property.  This will provide additional resources for guests with large groups or rented separately for couples and families wishing a base of operations for excursions into the Chiricahua and Peloncillo mountains.  The rustic cabin has no telephone, TV, or internet and is the perfect spot for those seeking additional seclusion when visiting the area.

Placing the cabin in context in relation to those who lived on the landscape previously is always an interesting undertaking and during breaks in remodeling, walking the property always brings to light new evidence of the former inhabitants.  The cabin sits on a low ridge between an abandoned drainage from Cave Creek canyon overlooking the San Simon riverbed in the seed reservoir.  This finger of land jutting into the riverbed was favored by former inhabitants as evidenced by a number of metates (broken fragments and whole metates) found around the cabin as well as other stone tools including projectile points and an 18" stone pestle.  This low ridge was ideal for inhabitants, providing high ground for living yet close to the river bottom for farming activities.  Evidence of 15 different metates (2 whole and 13 fragments) were recovered from the low ridge around the cabin.  All surface finds and appear to be simple type 1 metates with little or no outside modifications with wear patterns suggesting seasonal or short term use, 1" wear or less. 

The Painted Pony Resort showing the rustic cabin location

New gate and entrance to the rustic cabin at PPR

The cabin at the Painted Pony Resort


  1. This has been a big project starting with fencing! You have done a great job as seeing it in person is even better!

  2. Looks more like a "palace" than a "rustic" cabin!

    Good job Bruce!

  3. Thank you. I'm almost finished, just some minor painting to finish outside and I can make the beds. It will receive its first guest in December.

  4. "cabin" ha! That's what the rich called their McMansions in what is now Acadia National Park.

  5. It really is a cabin, about 800-1000 square feet in size.