A Finished Image from the Chiricahua Mountains in Southern Arizona

Water is vital to the health of all living things and in arid climates such as the desert southwest this is even more important.  Below is a partially desaturated image of a well known landmark in the south fork of Cave Creek Canyon in the Chiricahua mountains.  Known as the Bathtub, it is a small waterfall that pours into a deep pool along the trail.  On a hike with guests from the Painted Pony Resort the group stopped for photographs at this spot and everyone spent time composing and capturing images.  This is my contribution.  The blue of the falling water stands in sharp contrast to the desaturated background highlighting the importance of water in the desert.

chiricahua mountains Coronado National Forest
Blue water in a black and white landscape (click to enlarge)


  1. It had filled in after the last fire but has since re-excavated itself and looks like it did in the past. It makes for a scenic photographic spot hiking up South Fork and everyone always stops for pictures.

  2. Nice pic! From the post's title I feared that the Chiricahua is close to drying up. Fortunately not! I plan to cycle through the range in 2 months from now.

  3. Thank you, we received over an inch out in the valley, I would expect that the mountains saw more.

  4. Thank you. I took it while hiking with an astronomy group from Canada. It nice to see the bathtub had dug itself back out recreating the large pool at the base of a small waterfall along the South Fork trail.