More from Apan New Mexico

While back out walking, looking for survey markers, a side trip was taken to further explore the site of Apan NM.  A turn of the century rail/water stop on the old El Paso and Southwestern railroad north of Rodeo NM, Apan was of no particular importance in the grand scheme of things just a place to pick up water, drop off the mail, and perhaps load some cattle.  But it does help place into context how people have used the landscape through time.  This trip revealed the foundations of 4 buildings just south of the water tank (all on the east side of the tracks about 10' x 15') as well as parts of battery jars.  Wet cell battery jars were prevalent before electrification and were used to power railroad signal lights, telegraphs, and telephones.  Although no evidence of a signal light remains, an insulated guy wire for a pole as well as a cross arm and broken glass insulators were found which is consistent with battery use for telegraph/telephone.

battery jar parts
"Edison" ceramic battery jar lids and other electrical parts from Apan NM.
Apan nm battery jar
A broken Corning battery jar.


  1. Pretty interesting what a person can find walking around the area. This was a good find for you!

  2. Evidence of past human activity is ubiquitous and all around us. When alone out on the landscape working it is always nice to see evidence of others work.