Creating a Sense of Place

Creating sense of place is a useful way to enhance a visitors experience.  We all have memories of favorite places we have either lived or visited and central to those experiences is the sense of place.  Whether the landscape or the people, a sense of place embodies the idea of time.

At the Painted Pony Resort creating a sense of place revolves around an understanding the land, who was here before us and how was the land utilized.  This not only helps in current land use decision processes, but creates a sense of place.  Below is a short but very good about creating and preserving a sense of place.


  1. Exactly! Very good video explaining the whole thing. This is why we are here and restoring an old house and not tearing down. No fast food restaurants and mini malls. Heaven in the bubble!

  2. Paula, BAlvarius, did I ever tell you Willis' theory about milemarker 21 up Rte 80? He says this is where you stop aging! That must be where we enter the bubble!!

  3. I believe Willis is right, the bubble is moving at the speed of light and because of relativity time slows, it's a good way to explain why it takes so long to get anything done out here.