An Early Monsoon?

Traditionally, the local community looks for the summer monsoon season around the beginning of July and the common wisdom holds that it begins on the 4th.  The estate received 0.05” of rain 2 days ago and then yesterday another build up of cumulus clouds appeared over the Chiricahua mountains during the afternoon. A typical monsoon season cloud buildup heralding perhaps an early start to the summer rainy season. The event resulted in winds in the canyon dropping trees along the road and rain was visible around the valley as well as on the eastern side of Antelope pass, but no rain at the Painted Pony Resort. The resulting sunset was brilliant with vibrant reds and yellows illuminating the residual rain clouds. I made a 4 image panorama to try and capture the sunset but the brilliance overwhelmed the camera chip.

An early monsoon cloud buildup over the Chiricahua mountains.

A brilliant sunset after the storm.


  1. I would love an early monsoon here, too. Temperatures over 100 for the next 6 days, ugh. I'm taking a very early hike [in 30 minutes or so] to beat the heat.

  2. I saw scattered virga again yesterday afternoon so the dew point is definitely up, but don't know if it is over 55 degrees yet.