Painting the Woodwork

Living at about 4,000' MSL in the high desert means increased UV exposure.  UV plays havoc with painted surfaces and over time the buildings at the Painted Pony Resort need new paint especially the woodwork.  Several years ago all the woodwork on the buildings required cleaning and re-staining, see this video for a time lapse of cleaning and staining.  Well, that time has arrived again and the courtyard of the main house was in need of some attention so back out with the power washer, ladder, and stain.  After cleaning all the woodwork a thick coat on new stain was applied bringing new life to faded columns.  Of course now that I have done the courtyard woodwork on the rest of the building now needs attention and if one building is done they all need doing.  A never ending job.

Power washing woodwork

Re-staining woodwork

Columns finished

Finishing the vigas


  1. My dental hygienist owns a log cabin up towards Silver City in White Signal I think. Probably as much wood to do this [yearly?] for them as you have in all the buildings. May not be yearly here but I think it was a yearly chore for those with log cabins/homes in Western NY.

  2. It has been a couple of years since I did the woodwork, I definitely would not enjoy the chore if it were yearly.

    1. Yep weather more brutal in NY. Their homes would turn black if not treated so yearly if the weather is bad, possibly every other year but winters have been brutal the last few.

      Labor intensive AND expensive!

      Glad we are HERE!

  3. As soon as I moved to the desert southwest about 30 yrs ago I knew I was home.