A Busy Thanksgiving

Two weeks and 3 sets of guests, it has been busy around the Painted Pony Resort.  I've been constantly running from one cleaning job to the next.  The good news is everyone had a good time on the estate with one family celebrating Thanksgiving here at PPR.  Fortunately, I have a couple of weeks before the Christmas rentals so I can catch up on some other things that need doing around here.  The estate picked up 0.3" of rain for the month of November with some over Thanksgiving but the skies have cleared and we are back to the deep blue Arizona New Mexico skies that make living here a wonder.  Below are 2 images taken a week or so ago looking east and west at sunrise from the Painted Pony Resort showing some of the color that is a daily experience for those living and visiting the area.

Looking east through Antelope Pass in the Peloncillo mountains at sunrise.  Click the image to enlarge and note the mimetolith gazing up at the morning clouds.

Looking west at the red to yellow transitions on the Chiricahua Mountains at sunrise.


  1. beautiful photos! I am busy now with an aging dog and hardly get to look! I can look at your photos!

  2. Thank you Pat, I hope everything eases up and you get some more free time to enjoy yourself..