A Gift from the Astronomers

The yearly visit from All-Star Telescope occurred last month and a week of Canadian Astronomers were busy imaging the sky from the Painted Pony Resort.  This was their 6th year visiting and while the men take over the hanger, setting up telescopes outside, the wives spend their time hot tubing and enjoying the amenities of the main estate.  After seeing the rock formation, the Mule Ears, on our yearly hike the owner of All-Star Telescope decided the outcrop would make a nice foreground to a star filled image of the sky.  Returning for a night of photography Ken captured the constellation Orion over the Mule Ears and was kind enough to send a copy to be posted which PPR certainly appreciates. Some past visits by All-Star Telescope are documented here and here.


  1. nice, very nice image; I was asleep when they took that photo!

  2. So was I. I have trouble staying up much past sunset most days, but the astronomers come ready for night work.

    1. Rick of the A.S.V. said he was asked about being a Portal Rescue E.M.T. because he was up all night anyway, looking at stars! ha ha ha

  3. A Portal Rescue call out might not a big deal if your already up, but if it interferes with astrophotography that might be a problem.