The 2016 Bicycle Tours - Migrating Cyclists

The Painted Pony Resort hosted 2 bicycle tours again this year, both returning for another stay while they were cycling in the area.  The first group through was Bubba's Pampered Peddlers on their yearly coast to coast tour, while the second group was from Lizard Head Cycling Guides.  The group from Bubba's Pampered Peddlers comprised of about 50 riders with a support staff of about a dozen while the Lizard Head cycling tour was a smaller group of 13.  While the coast to coast group was in and out, the Lizard Head group did a ride into the canyon and hiked the Silver Peak trail.  With the designation of Highway 80 as part of US bike route 90 perhaps more bicyclists will take advantage and visit the area.

Just another sign of spring - when the migrating cyclists start showing up.

Morning preparations.

Support vehicles

Support vehicles and riders

Traveling kitchen for riders


  1. I'll say they are "pampered"! DiAnn told me they had masseuse or plural of that and more. She enjoyed their yearly outing to Rodeo!

  2. As one set of guests were pulling out the bicycle tour staff were pulling in. It was a quick turn around for me but Michelle and I got done. This was the second time here for both groups and I look forward to seeing Bubba's Pamapered Peddlers again next year.

    1. DiAnn's place was mushrooms of tents with Bubba's group. They are REALLY pampered at the Painted Pony resort now!

  3. Yes your quite right, pampered is the word. The only problem is the internet. With so many riders accessing the internet at once, which I beam around the estate, with tablets and phones the system slows way down. I did find one problem when they were here, the internet at the hanger was blocked by growing trees. So I spent a couple of days moving equipment around to re-establish service down there.