Working with Apple's iPhone SE

I've had the new iPhone SE for a couple of weeks now and I'm extremely happy with the experience so far.  I find that with the lack of radio station reception in the valley that I use the iPhone as a portable radio.  Internet streaming NPR radio is perhaps my favorite, news and interesting stories from outside of the bubble makes outdoor work a pleasure.  With a pair of Bluetooth earbuds I'm not tied to the iPhone while working and a dangling cable is not in the way.

I have also had a chance to start experimenting with the camera and I'm also generally pleased with the results, 2 example images are shown below.  The 12 megapixel camera has good color reproduction but I find that editing images still requires work on the big desk top computer screen to see the details and to make the usual changes in input and contrast levels.  To help I purchased a 128 MB wifi powered thumb drive from SanDisk.  The SanDisk Connect is an easy way to back up the photo library as well as other stuff without maxing out the iCloud backup provided by Apple.  Though I am looking at a telephoto lens for the camera for those multi image up close views of the Chiricahua Mountains that I like to make, but have yet to decide on one that will fit the OtterBox case I use.

I should point out that I'm still fairly low on the learning curve with the details of the iPhone.  Figuring out how to do things Apple's way is taking some time but is not overwhelming.  Finally, I did notice that all the gloom and doom prognostications by the Apple pundits before the release of this edition of the iPhone were incorrect and the iPhone SE's demand is currently greater than supply.

A single Ocotillo bloom (Fouquieria splendens) in the front garden at the Painted Pony Resort,
taken with the iPhone SE camera.

Penstemon splendens, planted last year, is up and blooming,
taken with the iPhone SE camera.
One more iPhone image of a Soaptree Yucca, Yucca elata, beginning to bloom in the courtyard of the main house.

yucca elata
Saoptree yucca with a single stem of blooms about to open.


  1. The Penstamon is my favorite flower! We don't have any here but have lots of Verbena and a few Ocotillo.

    We have Sirius XM radio to get the music we like!

  2. I wanted to add some more color and flower variety to the front garden so I planted several varieties of Penstemons last year and like all garden experiments some grew some didn't. Those that survived look great.

    With little or no radio reception out here, satellite radio is definitely the way to go.