Expectations versus reality

The idea of  hospice congers up a whole range of ides from "giving up on life" to " transitioning and exiting life in the best manner possible". Excluding tramatic injury where triage protocols take precedent, the slower decline where hospice intervention can be of utility actually applies to all of is as we age.  So it seems that hospice care of some sort is a useful tool for all to be
ware of.  While I can only comment from an N=1, and I have found the first line of defense more than sufficient in pain control.  That is not to say that there are not periods of discomfort which were delt with immediately but I have become aware of the smaller up and downs combined with the steady loss of function of the overall process.  I have tried to graphically represent what I'm experiencing to give some understanding of the process from my perspective.  Lots of ups and downs overlaid on a steady decline of bodily decline.  I have found that chocolate cake does make for for a good intervention and is perhaps related to the 6 gallons a month of chocolate ice cream i  was eating.  i snarfed down a big piece last that passed magically before me last night and found the energy to get this piece written.

So, i leave you tonight with a mouth full of chocolate crumbs and hope everyone sleeps well.

expectations versus reality


  1. How much if any of what you write do you share with your hospice workers? I've always been in awe of how hospice caregivers manage to do what they do, and wonder if having a patient like you is one of the gold rings on the merry-go-round of death, so to speak?

  2. Well, Marie Antoinette must have been correct.."let them eat cake!" Makes sense to me!

  3. Thank you for all of the valuable gifts you have given us over the years! Your insights are very useful to me. I hope that the chocolate cake moments win out over the pain. Your graceful approach to this stage of your life is a lesson to us all.

  4. Yes, indeed, do share your journey with hospice - whether or not you share your chocolate cake is up to you...

  5. I love chocolate cake! Good for you and good for Beth!