The Changing of the Meds

Well, it was nice while it lasted but all good things come to and end. Monday after returning from a lawyers visit I received a phone call from the medical house asking to deliver the hospital bed. I said sure and began cleaning stuff out of the bedroom. The supplies guy arrived and began setting up the bed when suddenly the nausea started followed by vomiting. I made to the kitchen sink and was busily puking away while the delivery guy was carrying bed parts into the house passing behind me while I'm busily regurgitating everything I ate that morning. Somewhat awkward for both of us. After 3 bouts of vomiting which occurred after radiating pain in my gut I got back to a recliner and sat down and rested. Being Monday the Hospice nurse was due and I had missed her call. At the same time my brother-n-law contacted my sister at work who also spoke with the Hospice nurse. The hospice nurse arrived and evaluated my condition concluding it was either another (new) bowl obstruction or constipation from the high fiber meals I had eaten the day before perhaps in combination with all the bending over while cleaning. So, consultations with the oncologist and the Hospice medical director. The hospice medical director suggested changing the anti nausea medications and adding some steroids. So I switched haldol, adavan, and compozine. The alternative is an NG tube which I hope to avoid since it further decreases my quality. What amazed me was how quickly I went from good to bad. Fortunately, after several hours I was feeling much better and was able to get up and move around. I hope this does the trick.

I can say that after a night on the mew medications I certainly fell better this morning and slept till almost 10 AM.


  1. Hope today goes better, you now have a bed to recline and get comfortable.

    Yesterday a military small jet with a bubble dome went by as I was drinking my coffee and was eye level with me! So I thought about you doing this, it must have been quite a rush for you!

  2. Yes the low level aviation was great fun though it did anger some people.

  3. Beth was wise to take you to IL. Imagine these problems out here in the middle of nowhere! Egad. Glad you slept in; my body clock is really off as you can see from the time I write this; my own fault for going to bed so early.........Buck goes earlier than I do!

  4. Hey Bruce, think of you everyday...Peter