The Second Coming

A somewhat indelicate subject this morning but one that surprised me. I assumed with the colostomy that the normal route of solid waste excretion would cease, but was I wrong. I suddenly started getting that full feeling in my lower bowel, that morning feeling that is relieved with a good sit and a cup of coffee. In any event, and sans the coffee, my bowels decided to give me gift, the one I had asked for when this all started a good poo the old fashioned way. It even came with the rush of relief that accompanies the activity. I clearly don't understand how they rewired by bowels but any poo is a good poo.

The change in medications is working well even though the time between dosages has decreased requiring me to get up more often. The rest of the day was spent just relaxing. Meeting the priest to plan the funeral today and family arrives tomorrow.


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  2. Celebrate the smallest of milestones,I say.

  3. what more family do you have? I have met your you have aunts and uncles? nieces? nephews?