Going Home

I am preparing for the long awaited trip West, returning my Brothers ashes to New Mexico.  A simple request he made. A promise I have ached to fulfill.  In these 2 weeks prior to departure, He is hourly on my mind.  Though I've returned to my normal life, it still feels raw.

When my Brother came to live with us we had to make some changes in our old farmhouse. My husband and I had always slept downstairs in the smallest bedroom, leaving the upstairs bedrooms for our collection of in and out kids.  Our house was built in 1869 and in tradition with that era, the staircase is steep. To accommodate his declining status, we moved upstairs and we made our previous bedroom into his room. There is a fireplace in there and designed to give him privacy and the best access to the bathroom.  The last 3 weeks of his life, I slept on a loveseat just outside his doorway.   After his death I stood in that room, now empty of a hospital bed and other implements of his illness, and thought, I'm done here.  I cleaned it up, turned on a lamp and walked away.  I thought it best.

Today my Husband and I went shopping for a new box springs and mattress. We picked out a nice one after laying on every mattress in the store.  My husband looked at me after we arranged for delivery and said "Little (He has always called me that and I'm not sure he knows my real name), I think its time to move back downstairs".  He is right. I have prepared our bedroom for delivery Monday. I'm sitting on the same loveseat where Ive read for years while my Husband watches ballgames. Our life will return to where it was before. My Brother would approve.  He was clear that there be no "shrine". He referred to me as "useful and decorative" when I cared for him during his illness.  I honor him by going home. Even if its just to my bedroom.

Lastly, I checked my Brothers email and facebook today.  It had been about a month since I did so.  There was a facebook message to him from an old friend.  She missed him.  I miss him too.


  1. Cute story about hubbie calling you "Little". We look forward to your visit here. I think about all Bruce did for us as a friend. He is missed here, too.

  2. Beth a lovely post, I will not be coming to the bootheel to free his ashes, My last memory will be visiting him 2 days before you arrived to take him home with you ❤️ I think about Bruce so much and have so many memories of us doing things together. I always wanted him to take time off work to visit me in Baja, I baby sat his dog Choya when he went to visit his mother which he loved dearly. Hugs to you all !

  3. I spoke with Michelle yesterday. She said you're welcome to sprinkle some of his ashes on the Painted Pony where he lived and worked for so long. I have Michelle's cell phone number in case you need to call her. Our local hikers will be there for Bruce at Vista Point and some from Friends of Cave Creek Canyon. Bruce was a good friend to us all.

    See you soon.

  4. Egad, just occurred to me that you don't know when the hikers will gather at Vista Point. They will be a Silver Peak Trailhead at 8 AM AZ time Thursday to carpool to Vista Point that has a smallish parking area. Reed Peters hopes to attend so he can tell you the time or maybe you know to look on website, under hiking that tells where we meet.

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  6. Zirish - go pound salt!

    Beth - this blog is still linked from Gypsy Carpenters blog, fyi