Barfoot Lookout atop Buena Vista Peak, Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona

It was crowded atop Buena Vista Peak when we arrived.  A work crew was already at work installing a repeater for Border Patrol communications and a mule wrangler with 4 animals arrived with another load of equipment shortly after we reached the lookout.  After the drive up into the Chiricahua Mountains from Cave Creek Canyon without seeing traffic then a quiet walk up a mile of trail, arriving to find a group of people and mules seemed like we had stumbled upon a secret meeting in the mountains.  The view from the fire lookout is spectacular and considering the ease of the trail and the minimal elevation change, this trail should rank high on anyone‘s list of Arizona New Mexico peaks to visit.

The trail to the Barfoot fire lookout is an easy 1.2 miles and gains less than 300’ in elevation between Rustlers Park campground and the top.  The trail starts at about 8500’ and ends at approximately 8800’ winding through tall Ponderosa Pines on a well maintained trail.  It is a short segment of the Crest Trail, trail 270, which is a series of trails running the length of the Chiricahua Mountains.

Google Earth screen shot of trail from Rustler Park to the Barfoot Lookout

Crest Trail to Barfoot Lookout

Stairway to Heaven on the way to the Barfoot Lookout

Secret Meeting at the Barfoot Lookout


  1. Looks like you had a good day!

  2. Yes, it is an easy hike with a great payoff. I received an invitation to accompany them on the hike and realized it would make a good map that can be added to the collection.