Found It, Geocaching in the Chiricahua Mountains

Having found the Rodeo, New Mexico geocache and the Silver Peak geocache, and with a couple of free hours another search for a local geocache was started.  After reviewing the map of geocaches in the Chirichua Mountains in southeastern Arizona, 2 seemed straight forward candidates for an afternoon search.  Both caches lay off Forest Service Road 42B, the road from Portal to Paradise, and both were named for the near by town of Paradise, Arizona.  "The Road to Paradise" and "Eternal Paradise" were straight forward discoveries and involved short strolls through the lower elevations of the Chiricahua Mountains.  The Road to Paradise was found next to the road along the base of the ridge that extends north of Limestone Hill.  While Eternal Paradise was just another mile up the road near the Paradise Cemetery.  A stroll through the cemetery was an interesting way to spend a couple of hours and there are some unique markers especially the cast tree limb with a spider web.  The earliest birth date is 1828.  It is interesting to note there is a cattle guard at the entrance to the cemetery, an unusual feature.

Road to Paradise Geocache

Eternal Paradise Geocache

Paradise Cemetery with Cattle Guard

Gifts to the Dead


  1. A gift to the dead, that must have been a fun find!

  2. There were 2 little Vodka bottles on the marker, one of which was empty and had fallen over. Note that the other one has been opened. I did not check to see if the vodka had been replaced or alternatively the recipient was in the process of getting a drink.