Found it, Geocaching near Apache Arizona

A quick trip to Douglas Arizona today and finally remembered to pull the coordinates for the Geocache near the monument to Geronimo and the surrender site.  The geocache, entitled "Geronimo, the last great Apache", was quickly found and from the online logs it appeared in need of maintenance.  A little searching uncovered the lost magnet and the wire used to hold the magnet in place.  Signed the log and replaced pieces that had fallen off, then returned the cache to it's location.  Across the street from the geocache is the monument to Geronimo and his surrender.  The actual surrender site is several miles down a ranch road at the mouth of Skeleton Canyon.  Unfortunately access is restricted but the monument is a rock structure about 20 feet high and is embedded with metates of several different styles (ages).  Below is a desaturated image of the monument with the sun behind the top giving it a glow.

Geronimo Surrender Monument