Skeleton Canyon in the Peloncillo Mountains, December 16, 2010

Skeleton Canyon has a rich history with stories ranging from massacres and treasure to the site of Geronimo's final surrender to the United States government.  It is a natural corridor between the Animas and the San Bernardino Valleys and has been used over time to move cattle and other goods.  Twenty two members of the  Portal Rodeo Hiking Club visited the canyon and hiked in along the dirt road for 5 miles.  Starting in Arizona at the western mouth of the canyon the hikers crossed the state line into New Mexico somewhere in the canyon. Half of the group opted for lunch on the road and half continued on, eventually stopping for lunch on a ridge on the north side of the canyon.  It was easy going along the bottom of the canyon with spectacular views of outcrops and wildlife along the route.  And of course no report on Skeleton Canyon would be complete without a photograph of Devil's Kitchen near the mouth of the canyon.  The map of the hike in Skeleton Canyon is in the sidebar.

Google Earth screen shot of Skeleton Canyon Hike

Portal Rodeo Hiking Club at Devil's kitchen

Friendly Javelina at the start of the hike.

Shelter Cave along Skeleton Canyon


  1. Skeleton Canyon is a great hike with so much history. I am so sorry I missed it but really happy you made it!

  2. I'm sorry you missed the hike but I look forward to the next trip up Skeleton Canyon