One more Photograph from Skeleton Canyon

Finished this photograph from the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club's trip up Skeleton Canyon in the Peloncillo Mountains and the reviewers comments have been positive.  It is a desaturated and tiltshift modified image of eroding white volcanic ash beds along the bottom of skeleton canyon.  The pockets would appear to be areas where softer material has eroded out or alternatively held rock inclusions that have fallen out of the ash bed leaving the pockets.  It is curious that the pockets are arranged in a linear fashion (2 rows of pockets one above the other) but but angled up.  This would suggest the whole ash bed has been tilted up from it's original position and subsequent erosion reveled the pockets.

Eroding Rock Spire


  1. Wow. Were we on the same hike? Beautiful. Of course, my favorite part of the hike was the friendly javelina...... debbie

  2. Thank you. I agree the friendly javelina was pretty neat.