Grouting the Bungalow

There are always projects at the Painted Pony Resort that require attention.  Recent activity centered around the bungalow.  The grouting in the bathroom needed attention and so after collecting materials work began.  First cleaning out the old grout around the sunken bath and along the edges.  Then adding new grout to the cleaned areas.  Some of the grouting around the walls and sinks also required replacement.  Since this was indoor work, Roadie did not help.

Bathtub grout

Floor grout


  1. I love your photo that I used on my own Blog (photo at the top). I was born, raised and have ancestors that go back as far as the Pueblo Folks in New Mexico, but I had no idea where Rodeo, New Mexico was. When I found your photo, I searched for Rodeo on a map. I'm going to show your photo to my 7th grade New Mexico History class tomorrow, and I plan on pointing out Rodeo, New Mexico on the map for them. Thank you for sharing this amazing photo with me and my students.

  2. Your most certainly welcome. If you look at Google Earth in the bootheel of New Mexico you will find many of my low level aerial photographs. All are under a creative commons license and are free to use, non-commercially. Rodeo is interesting since it lies less than a mile from the Arizona state line, making it New Mexico's most western town.