Pool Maintenance at the Painted Pony Resort

The 20' x 40' pool at the Painted Pony Resort is heated with a combination of geothermal and solar with a goal of 80 degrees in the pool.  A recent broken pipe has taken some time to repair but the pool is now ready for cleaning.  While shocking and vacuuming, Roadie the Roadrunner, came down to help with pool maintenance and as always was a thoughtful and helpful assistant. A mated pair of Roadrunners lives at the resort full time and frequently show up while working outside.  I suspect they show up in hopes some tasty bug will be uncovered for them but the company is always appreciated.

Roadie asking a question about pool water quality.

Roadie collecting a water sample for testing.


  1. Its important to discuss with a pool contractor for this process. As pool contractors are responsible for building and maintenance a pool.

  2. Glad you liked the post. Pool maintenance falls to me since the estate is about 150 miles from a major population center.