The "Green Pool" at the Painted Pony Resort

The 20' x 40' pool at the Painted Pony Resort is a favorite with the owner and he likes it heated, but heated pools requires lots of electricity and can become expensive.  An alternate route to heating the pool is using available resources to keep the water temperature at 80 degrees.  A combination of geothermal and solar heat are used to heat the pool water allowing for year round pool use.  Unfortunately the original solar system ran pool water directly through the system and the pool chemicals eventually degraded the manifolds.  The system has been replaced with one that does not circulate pool water directly but extracts solar energy by passing solar heated coolant with a heat exchanger.  Below is a photograph of the geothermal (2 heat exchangers on left) and solar (heat exchanger on right) systems installed to heat the pool.  By using natural resources the pool stays warm and minimizes electrical costs.

Plumbing for heating the pool.

One of 3 solar panels for the pool.


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