Winter in Rodeo, New Mexico's Most Western Town

The big storm that has affected most of the US also reached into the bootheel and brought with it some cold temperatures.  The temperature dipped to 0 degrees last night at the Rodeo airport and many in the valley awoke to frozen water lines.  The consolation is that there are clear skies and the Chiricahua mountains, with a light dusting of snow, are beautiful.  Below is a photograph taken early this morning.  So while it may be cold for all the desert dwellers this morning the views are still spectacular.

A February morning view of the Chiricahua Mountains


  1. This is a beautiful picture you took! It was so cold I did not go out side very early today, the sun is out now and makes it much nicer out side.

  2. I think we are past the worst of it and temps should be returning to 60-70 during the day.