Granite Gap, Peloncillo Mountains, New Mexico

Obligations prevented participation in last weeks Portal Rodeo Hiking Club trip, but way point data was collected by Chiricahua Sky Island, Rodeo and the map was created.  Everyone entering or leaving the San Simon Valley from the north on Highway 80 (a surviving segment of the "Old Spanish Trail" or "Broadway of America" auto route) passes through Granite Gap in the Peloncillo Mountains.  The land is primarily BLM with an in-holding of private mining claims on the east side of the highway.  The area is crisscrossed with old trails and roads which makes for easy hiking.  In fact 2 hikers chose to ride horses for a better view of the area.  The route covered about 4 miles with 550' feet of elevation change.  Below is the Screenshot from Google Earth of the route and the map is in the sidebar or here.

Granite Gap hike

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