Cell Phone Service in Rodeo, New Mexico

Many people are lost without their cell phones, they have become an integral part of our everyday lives.  But what happens when there is no coverage?  There are places in the U.S. where this is still no coverage and the San Simon Valley is one of those places.  But never fear, cell phone access is available.

The Painted Pony Resort has offered cell phone service for guests on the estate using a 3 watt mobile dual band Wilson cell phone repeater for the past year.  This small unit picks up the weak signal from Lordsburg or Douglas and rebroadcasts the signal through a small antenna.  It is carrier independent so any service is possible.  In reality though carriers such as Verizon and those services using their antenna system are the only services that can be used on the estate.

Several other businesses have also made cell service a reality in the valley.  The Chiricahua Desert Museum and Mountain Valley Lodge in Rodeo now also offer cell phone service.  Using an internet based system, Verizon cell phone coverage is available at these businesses.  The ability to make emergency calls is a real plus and the foresight demonstrated by these businesses means visitors are never out of touch if they so desire.  While wireless internet is also provided at these businesses and others in the San Simon Valley, direct cell phone access is a real plus.


As of last month (2/2013) cell service became a reality in the valley.  Verizon cell service is now available from the tower in Antelope pass.


  1. Having some cell phone coverage has been helpful for guests, and myself. I wonder what will be next in the boot heel.

  2. With all the birders visiting at the moment who knows. But with the spread of cell phone service availability it can only be good.