Night Skies at the Painted Pony Resort

The group of astronomers with All-Star Telescope that spent a week viewing and imaging the sky from the Painted Pony Resort are back safely in Canada.  But their images and videos are coming out on the web.  John McDonald of McDonald Scientific has created and posted a series of 3 videos taken at the estate.  Below is one of his videos from vimeo and links to the other 2 are below the embedded video.

These videos elegantly capture the night skies in the San Simon Valley and the rest of the bootheel of New Mexico.  This particular time lapse video was taken down by the hanger at the south end of the property and is facing south along the length of the valley.  The "First Night at the Painted Pony" (linked below) was taken in the parking area between the main house and the guest house.

Overnight sky at the Painted Pony by John McDonald from RASC Victoria Centre on Vimeo.

John McDonald's other 2 videos:
First Night at the Painted Pony
Zodiacal Lights


  1. They sure captured our beautiful sky here in Rodeo.

  2. Oh yeah, no light pollution and clear skies. The Canadian astronomers were particularly interested in the southern sky since they live so far north. The core of the milky way rising above the Peloncillo Mountains was particularly impressive.