Something New From Price Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains

The GoPro Hero is a small light weight sports camera that records in HD and is ideal for aerial videography, but also works well for ground based photography.  The wide angle lens allows the capture of "the big picture" and was used to record the hike up Price Canyon.  Instead of video, the camera was set to time lapse, taking wide angle photographs every 2 seconds along the route, collecting about 1400 images along the trail.  The camera sat at chest level and was held in place with an elastic harness which allowed free movement and did not interfere with hiking.   There is no view finder so it is easier to operate than an Instamatic camera and the settings chosen before starting so it simply a matter of turning it on and letting it run.  The 1400 images translated into about 4.5 minutes of video.  Traditional Irish music was chosen to accompany the time lapse video for 2 reasons.  One, in honor of the upcoming Irish music camp in Portal, it seemed appropriate to use Irish music and secondly the music fits quite well with the time lapse photography.

The results are presented below and contrary to popular opinion it does not make people or body parts look big.  In fact, a wide angle lens tends to push subjects away from viewer making things look smaller.