Stone Geoglyphs at Horseshoe Canyon

Lying at mouth of Horseshoe Canyon are 2 dry stacked stone structures sitting in the desert.  The larger of the dry stacked stone structures, a stone spiral, is about 65' in diameter with a path leading to a large rock sitting at the center.  The smaller 30' diameter structure is about waste high, solid stone, with a path through the center.  The meaning and significance of the structures is know only to their creator.  Having heard several stories about their location and creation, they were discovered on a photographic flight to Horseshoe Canyon sometime back and after the most recent hike with the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club, several members stopped for a closer examination.  Both structures are of recent design and were built by the landowner.  Several small rock outlines can be found between the 2 structures but erosion has moved rocks and grasses have obscured the complete outline.  Below is an aerial photograph of the site, with accompanying ground views of the structures.  The detail in the construction with overlapping joints suggests the structures will survive far into the future.

Aerial View of Geoglyphs at the Mouth of Horseshoe Canyon

Chiricahua Sky Island Rodeo taking a photograph of the spiral

Center Rock and Walls in Stone Spiral

Circular Stone Structure

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