Rustler Park along the Crest Trail (270) to Centella Trail (334)

Hiking back up in the high country with the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club.  The group met at the Silver Peak trail head and repackaged into 3 vehicles for the drive to Rustler Park on top of the Chiricahua Mountains.  Leaving Rustler Park the group of 8 and one dog (Pugsley) headed south along the Crest Trail (#270) stopping at the scenic overlook at Cima Park where a trail lead down and north back to the Bootlegger trail.  After photographs and and some liquids (at this point I noticed the time lapse camera had stopped working so no hiking video), the group continued along until reaching the base of Fly's Peak.  Here several trails intersect and the group headed east along the Centella Trail (#334).  Passing Tub Spring and the turnoff to Bear Wallow Spring the group moved out onto Centella Ridge.  Stopping on the south edge of the ridge the group found a nice spot for lunch looking east out over the Chiricahuas and the San Simon Valley.

After lunch the group headed back with one group heading to Bear Wallow spring and the loop around Fly's Peak and 3 others heading back the original trail.  Back at the intersection below Fly's Peak the party of 3 took the Long Park Trail (#42D) which intersect FS road 42D and hiked back to Rustler Park.

The total round trip was 7 miles and for those circumnavigating Fly's Peak the trip was 8 miles.  With less than 1000 ft of elevation change it was a lovely walk in the high country.  The map of the hike may be found on Google Maps or in the sidebar.

From Rustler Park to Centella Ridge

Cochise Head from the Crest Trail

Bracket Fungus

Bedding Planes on Centella Ridge


  1. It is a great seeing Cochise head on a hike, is that dust in the air?

  2. Yes, unfortunately the clear blue New Mexican skies we are so accustomed to were obscured by haze from fires burning east of Nogales Arizona.