Horseshoe Two Fire

View of Portal Peak and the Chiricahua Mountains on 5/19/2011

Yes, there is a fire in the Chiricahua Mountains.  As of last night InciWeb is reporting almost 33,000 acres have burned in the Chiricahua Mountains.  Above is a photograph taken this morning from the Painted Pony Resort showing the effects of the fire on the east flank of the mountains.  Grasses on the east flank burned from Sulfur Canyon to south of Portal Road early in the fire and the areas south of Sulfur Canyon to Horseshoe Canyon were back burned by fire crews several days later.  A night time lapse video of the back burn was taken by LightBuckets

Fire fighting crews have worked tirelessly to control the fire which was spread by windy conditions and with controlled back burns both the American Museums Southwest Research Station as well as Cave Creek Canyon received protection.  The current maps are available on the Incident Information Website as well as NOAA weather information.


  1. There is less smoke in the Valley today, the fire crews are really working hard to stop the fire.

  2. Yes and it is an admirable effort considering the winds they have to contend with.

  3. A local naturalist hiked to Hummingbird Spring from the north, earlier this week. It was unaffected by the fire.

  4. fire over 80,000 acres now and Paradise and Whitetail Canyons on mandatory evacuation although one ranch family told me "we're not going anywhere"
    your tax dollars at work for a fire started by an illegal alien who should have been stopped by the fence they won't build.

  5. The New York Times has a good article on the rumors surrounding the cause of the Horseshoe Two fire. As of now, it is listed as human caused because no lightening was reported in the area, but no specific determination as to the human source has been made.
    As Arizona Fire Rages, So Does Rumor on Its Origin