Horseshoe 2 Fire, Fire Supression Teams Headquarters

The current fire in the Chiricahua Mountains is under active management by over 700 fire fighters with 29 engines, 17 water tenders, and 9 helicopters as aerial support.  Crews and command posts are stationed at the Chiricahua Desert Museum, the Chiricahua Event Center and Lodge, and Amigos del Cielo Airpark.  Below are aerial photographs of 2 of the incident command posts taken yesterday during a late afternoon flight from the Painted Pony Resort.

Fire Fighting crews at the Chiricahua Desert Museum

Fire crews at the Chiricahua Event Center and Lodge


  1. Great pictures! I seen you fly over Rodeo yesterday, it must have been fun getting up flying again.

  2. Thank you, I looked for you when I flew by Mountain Valley Lodge but didn't see anyone, so headed up to get the photographs of the incident command posts.

  3. I was in the house when you went over, I went outside and you were heading north.

  4. Sorry to have missed you. The FAA has increased the size of the TFR and it now encompasses Rodeo. While the painted pony resort still lies outside of the temporary flight restriction I'm limited to flying north and west at the moment.