Wedding at the Painted Pony Resort

The 3 buildings with 9 bedrooms on the 80 acre estate is ideal for weddings as evidenced by recent events.  A couple from out of town chose the Painted Pony Resort as their wedding destination and the estate was host to approximately 40-50 wedding guests.  With views of the Chiricahua Mountains to the west and the Peloncillo Mountains to the east the setting is ideal for an outdoor wedding.

The bungalow served the as the honeymoon suite and staging area for the evening wedding held on the east side of complex with the Peloncillo Mountains lit by the evening sun as a backdrop.  Family and friends occupied the main house and guest house, and several chose to camp out around the buildings rather than stay inside.  Additional guests were lodged at the Case Adobe Bed and Breakfast, Mountain Valley lodge, and Portal Peak lodge.  The Chiricahua Desert Museum provided tables and chairs for the wedding dinner, which was catered by La Buena Vida Farm.  All the food was locally grown and the meat was raised specifically for this event creating a very special wedding dinner.  Guests were also hosted to an evening at the Lost Arcade in its' new location in Rodeo.  Of course the heated pool and hot tub saw lots of action as well as the pool table and ping pong table and one couple, geologists, lead guests on a geology hike in the National Monument several days before the wedding.

Below are 2 photographs from the wedding.  Preparations in the courtyard for the wedding dinner which was followed by an evening of dancing under the stars and the guests assembled on the east side of the property.  The party after the wedding went till 4 A.M with dancing and swimming.

Wedding preparations at the Painted Pony Resort

Awaiting the arrival of the wedding couple


  1. Looks like you had a great time at the Painted Pony Resort, with the wedding outside what a great memory for the newly weds.

  2. Yes, it was a lovely evening and the dinner afterwards was great. All the meat was raised specifically for this event by La Beuna Vida Farm. Now a new set of guests are now firmly ensconced at the resort.